If you wish to register in for the next Eccentric-Fashion Weekend please copy the below inscription and insert it into the e-mail form. Please fill out all fields and tick on the appropriate boxes.

By tipping on the red e-mail address, you will be directed automatically to the Eccentric-Fashion-Weekend e-mail form.



Inscription for the 53th ECCENTRIC-FASHION-WEEKEND 2018

from Wednesday, 10th to Sunday, 14th Oktober


Please fill out all fields and tick on the appropriate boxes.

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We do not want any incognito guests at our event. so if you give us a contact address with PO. Box or poste restante, then we also ask you to give us your home address. We assure you of absolute discretion. Any postal letters will only be sent to the contact address.
Privat address:  
Postcode, Place:  
Room categories (please choose the preferred category)
  SGL Single room 
  STD as SGL Standard double as single
  COM as SGL Comfort double as single
  STD Standard double room
  CHA Chalet-style double room
  COM Comfort double room
  MISU  Mini-Suite
  FAM Family room
  VAP 2,5 Apartment in the Alpline-Park with 1 bedroom
  VAP 3,5 Apartment in the Alpline-Park with 2 bedrooms
  VAP 4,5 Apartment in the Alpline-Park with 3 bedrooms
Duration of stay (please choose the preferred duration)
  4 nights Wednesday to Sunday 
  3 nights Thursday to Sunday 
  2 nights Friday to Sunday 
  1 night Thursday 
  1 night Friday 
  1 night Saturday 
Option (please choose the option)
  Accompanied excursion with bus to Trümmelbach falls and Interlaken, minimum number of participants 12, to be paid in advance Saturday 10.30 - 16.00 h CHF 39.00
The rates for the weekend packages are published on the EF-Weekend 2018 price list.
Your inscription is only definite, once you have sent us this form duly completed and paid the deposit payment!
Deposit amount per person CHF 100.00 or EUR 100.00
Further information for the EF-Weekend 2018

Participant as seller during the flea market on Friday 14.00 h to 17.00 h

  Other duration of stay Arrival date: Departure date:
Payment of the deposit amount
  Wire transfer in CHF onto our bank account: BEKB, 3718 Kandersteg, IBAN: CH69 0079 0016 2457 7841 1
  Wire transfer in EUR onto our bank account: SLF, 3718 Kandersteg, IBAN: CH93 0878 4016 2264 5910 8
  Payment with credit card - plus fee of 5%
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